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One of six Sukkahs that sleep 8 each

The Sukkah Village

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Sukkah Rental Rates

Deposit $50/Sukkah

4 person min/8 person max per Sukkah  

Cost $14 per person
per night

Bring your own sleeping bag


Sukkah pavillion
The large pavillion in the Sukkah village
Sukkah in the trees
Each Sukkah is nestled quietly in the woods

Nestled in the trees, we have 6 three-season Sukkahs. The name "Sukkah" comes from the Hebrew "Sukoth" for "place of God".

Enjoy the best of both worlds, sleep practically outside, with a solid roof over your head and floor beneath your feet. Not only that, sleep on a cot with a comfy mattress.

Sukkah fun
Having a good time together

winter in the Sukkah village
Sukkah pavillion & bathhouse in the snow

The Sukkah Village is an ideal spot for scout groups, adventure groups, college gatherings and others.

Open three seasons (closed winter), they offer a camping experience with a pavillion and a bathhouse.

There is no electricity in the Sukkahs, so be sure to bring your flashlight (the bathhouse and pavillion have electricity).

Planning a hiking trip? Come stay with us.


for more information about the Retreat House call (540) 933-6266 or email


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