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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



Can I make a payment online after my camper is registered?

What is the theme this summer?

What is Bible Study like?

What is a typical week like?

Do counselors sleep in the same cabin/sukkah?

How are medications handled? How far away are emergency services?

How hot does it get at camp?

What about bugs?

Why pack old shoes?

What about croc type shoes?

What does the camp store sell?

When is my balance due?

Does my camper have to pack a swimsuit?

Are jeans and a jacket really important?

What discounts do you offer?

Have the prices jumped this year?


How is the theme chosen each summer?

How many campers do you have during a typical week?

What is the camper to counselor ratio?

How often do campers shower?

What is the Health Care Coordinator?

How cold does it get at camp?

What kind of bedding do you recommend?

How many towels should my child pack?

Why no sandals?

What about socks?

How long will registration take?

Where do campers swim?

What equipment will my child need for camp?

What time should we arrive at camp?

What time should I be there to pick my camper up?

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What is the theme this summer? This summer the theme is Living in God's Time. The theme text is from Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything thre is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.


How is the theme chosen each summer? Caroline Furnace is a member of Lutheran Outdoor Ministry, an organization that include Lutheran camps throughout the country. Each year a theme is selected or created through the efforts of members of this oranization, the ELCA, and Augusburg Fortress publishing house.


What is Bible Study time like? Bible Study time is active, creative, and designed for each age groups. Each day has a focus and from the focus come skits, crafts, games, creating songs, or reading and discussing. Each days' theme has lesson plans for early elementary, late elementary, middle school, high school and adult. The counselors lead their campers each day, starting from a passage in the Bible and going from there. They have the flexibility to taylor their lessons to the style that works best with their campers.


How many campers do you have during a typical week? We consider ourselves a small-ish camp. We aim for 60-75 campers each week with anywhere from 10 to 24 per camp. The numbers vary as a result of registration, transportation/equipment needs, and staffing requirements.


What is a typical week like? A typical week starts on Sunday afternoon with registration (from 3pm-4pm) and the primary focus of Sunday is to help each camper connect. Counselors work with their campers to build the group community, help them create expectations as a group covenant, and help each camper settle in to their space. Sunday night campfire is designed to give everyone an idea of who's who at camp and to share the basics of what the week will be like. We sing songs, enjoy the fire, laugh at some silly skits and frequently enjoy some s'mores! Each day finishes with a closing prayer time, typically followed by showers, cabin time and lights out. The rest of the week starts to fall into a pattern of Breakfast at 8am, followed by morning worship, led by our summer chaplain. Each camp will have time following worship to either do their Bible study, a planned activity, or something of their own design. Lunch is at 12:30 and the afternoon for most camps is Option Time. Options can include swimming, games, crafts, boating, hiking, archery, creekwalking, CD course, board games or a variety of other possibilities. There is time in the late afternoon for some to take showers or hang out together in their cabin group or with others at camp. Dinner is at 5:30. All meals are served family style in camp or cabin/sukkah groups. Night is some of the best time at camp. There are camp wide games, like Capture the Flag and Color Tag, and campfires, with skits, songs, and sillyness. We use a variety of locations around camp for different campfires, games and other activities (like scavenger hunts). There is more time for showers and an evening snack time before the day ends with closing prayer time, cabin time, and lights out. Bedtime tends to get easier and easier as the week goes along, because of all the fun and energy we have throughout each day!


What is the camper to counselor ratio? We aim for 6 campers per counselor. Sometimes we will allow 7 or 8, especially for camps that have additional people leading some of the activities. For our youngest camers, the Explorers, we aim for a 5 to one or less ratio. All camp numbers are partly a result of registration and interest.


Do counselors sleep in the same cabin/sukkah? Yes, a same gender counselor stays in the cabin or sukkah with their campers. Each one cabin has 12 beds and typically 7 or 8 people sharing the space. There is a half bath (toilet and sink) in each cabin in a separate space that can also be used for changing. Sukkahs are for older campers (typically middle and high school ages) in a separate village on camp. There is no electricity or toilet in a Sukkah, just 8 cots and screened half walls (with rain flaps). There is a bathhouse nearby with flush toilets, sinks and electricity. There is also a pavillion for Sukkah groups to gather for games, conversations and other activities. Note: when campers sleep in tents, the counselors sleep in a separate tent nearby (so they don't take up as much space).


How often do campers shower? Daily. Each cabin/sukkah group showers daily either right after dinner or before bedtime. Campers are encouraged to take care of daily hygene (wash, brush, change, etc) and we have extra supplies on hand should a camper need something.


How are medications handled? All medications are kept locked in our infirmary, with the exception of inhalers and epipens. Our Health Care Coordinator (HCC) is responsible for dispensing medications at the proper times. The HCC is also on hand whenever campers are on site to handle any illness or injuries that may arise.


What is the Health Care Coordinator? The Health Care Coordinator is specifically hired to manage medications, illnesses, and injuries during the summer. They are EMT trained. All of our counselors are also First Aid certified (American Heart Association) as part of their staff training. Medications on out trips are handled by the out trip guide.


How far away are emergency services? While camp has the feel of being "remote," we are fortunate to be within 20 miles of two area hospitals and less than 10 minutes from emergency response through the Rescue Squad in Fort Valley. If a camper is taken to the hospital, we call the contact person(s) listed with their registration and Health Form.


How cold does it get at camp? Even in the summer time, temperatures can dip into the lower 60s during the night or in the mornings and can feel very chilly. We recommend all campers bring either a sweatshirt or jacket with them to camp.


How hot does it get at camp? Summer can get hot. Days when the temperature is over 100 degrees we add water activities, re-locate activites out of the direct sun, add slower activites into the schedule (i.e. crafts, board games, etc.), and/or make use of our new air conditioned meeting facility.


What kind of bedding do you recommend? Campers that are staying in the cabins can bring twin size sheets and a blanket OR a sleeping bag. Some campers bring a sleeping bag and a top sheet to use on warm nights. Campers that are in the Sukkahs or going on out trips, we recommend a sleeping bag. If you are canoeing, a polyester sleeping bag will dry a lot faster, should you swap your canoe. Don't forget to pack a pillow! (Note: we do have extra bedding on hand, just in case).


What about bugs? Yep, we have bugs. Gnats, mostly. We spend a lot of time outside and that's where we keep the bugs, too. A ball cap with a brim helps keep the bugs away from your face (especailly if you spray the brim with bug repellant) and long pants and a light long sleeve shirt come in handy at nights. Glasses or sunglasses can come in handy, too. We have houses for Bats and Purple Martins aound camp, because they eat mosquitos.


How many towels should my child pack? We recommend packing 2-3 towels, one for showering, one to take to the lake or creekwalking, and an extra one, just in case.


Why no sandals? Trails, roots, toes. Campers travel all over camp, using our network of trails. The trails have exposed roots, tree limbs, holes, rocks, gravel, and other suprises that have stubbed toes, scratched feet and twisted ankles. All campers are required to wear closed toe shoes while on camp. For canoe trips and creek walking sandals are permitted.


Why pack old shoes? For creekwalking... it's so much fun.


What about croc type shoes? Yes, the croc type shoes that cover your toes are allowed on camp; however, they do not provide as much protection for your feet as sneakers.


What about socks? Socks that cover the ankles are really handy, especially since feet tend to be closest to where the bugs hang out.


What does the camp store sell? The camp store does not sell candy, food or drinks. We encourage all food be kept in the dining hall to prevent cabin intruders (ants, mice, etc). The camp store sells items that may have been forgotten (comb, shampoo, toothbrush, etc), t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, water bottles and a variety of other souvenir-type items. All procedes from the camp store are used to provide financial assistance for campers who otherwise may not have been able to afford camp.


How long will registration take? Sunday registration may take as much as an hour. There are 5 steps to registratioin: 1) getting your name tag; 2) verify information; 3) purchase a photo or leave money for camp store time; 4) health care check (and leave any medications); 5) move into your cabin/sukkah. The amount of time will vary according to the number of campers checking in, the health care stop, visiting the camp store, and meeting the counselor.


When is my balance due? All balances are due by June 1, 2013; balance for the $10 Early Registration Discount is due March 15, 2013.


Where do campers swim? We have a 5 acre lake with a designated swimming area with a deep and a shallow side. There is a lifeguard on duty whenever campers are in the lake. Campers must pass a swim test to swim in the deep section where the jumping board and floating dock are available.


Does my camper have to pack a swimsuit? We strongly suggest all campers bring swimwear (girls need a one piece or tankini) even if they don't plan to swim. Campers enjoy a lot of water activities in addition to the lake.


What equipment will my child need for camp? We provide boats, camping equipment, backpacks, drybags, PFD and safety equipment for activities like caving, rappelling and whitewater rafting. Campers need to pack their basics including flashlight, waterbottle, sleeping bag, etc.


Are jeans and a jacket really important? It does get chilly at camp, so yes, we strongly recommend packing them.


Can I make a payment online after my camper is registered? YES, please go through the "MY Registration" link and sign back in to make additional payments using a credit card.


What time should we arrive at camp? Plan to arrive on Sunday between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. Follow the signs to registration. You will have an opportunity to visit the camp store, meet your counselor and settle into your bunk. If your camper is to leave on Friday with someone other than who they arrived with, please provide a note to that effect.


What time should I be there to pick my camper up? The closing ceremony begins on Friday at 3:00 PM and is generally finished by 4:00 PM. (Confirmation Camp may end at a different time.) Families are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony to hear stories from the past week. Campers are expected to depart following the closing ceremony.


What discounts do you offer? We offer several discounts: $10 Early Registration (by March 15th), $15 Full Payment discount (pay in full when you register), $10 Pastor discount (tell your pastor that you are coming to Caroline Furnace and have them email me ... we hope this helps get the word out to other members of your church about our camp), $25 sibling discount (for the 2nd or more child registered), $25 multiple camp discount (for the 2nd or more camp registered).


Why does it seem the camp prices jumped higher this year? Yes, some of our camp prices have jumped this year. We recently did an analysis of our summer camp costs and we were not keeping up with the jump in rates of some of our outside vendors. Unfortunately, we needed to up those camps in order to be able to keep offering them. We have tried to offset some of the jump by offering larger discounts in some areas.

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