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  • Julie Kroll, Director of Sales and Program

Thank You to all Camp Counselors

Let's take a moment to uplift Camp Counselors:

The strangers who instantly become family, who are immediately and so fully welcoming.

Camp Counselors, who I've shared with, learned from, and laughed and cried with. 

Camp Counselors, who seek justice, practice peacekeeping, and spread grace. Camp Counselors, who helped me to really take ownership of my faith, and taught me that big questions are normal, good and exciting, and that I won't have all the answers - and that is a beautiful thing. 

Camp Counselors, and the realities of "Are you sure we've only known one another for a few weeks?" But who quickly become lifelong friends and will drive hours for a rugby game, a birthday, or just because; who are always there for a shoulder to lean on or a two hour phone call -  despite vastly different backgrounds and opinions.

Camp Counselors, who embody Christ, love through all things, and celebrate one another. 

They teach me, inspire me, amaze me, empower me, and fill me with so much hope. 

To ALL Camp Counselors, thank you, now and always. Thanks be to God.

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