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Half Week:
$75 per Adult
$50 per Child
Maximum $400 per Family
Full Week:
$150 per Adult
$75 per Child
Maximum $600 per Family

Adults & Families

Family Camp
Offered Week Eight (August 6-11)

Come experience camp together! Family Camp is designed for families with children younger than 1st grade (future campers!). This year, we are offering both a full week and half week option for our family campers, just like Explorer Camp. You may choose to come to camp from Sunday to Wednesday, or you can jump right in to a full week. If you choose the half week option, you are welcome to stay the rest of the week once you see how much fun your family is having!

Family Camp Lutheran Summer Camp in Virginia

Family camp gives families the opportunity to grow in fellowship and faith with one another in a fun, safe setting. You’ll also get to experience the summer camp program in action. Adventures include exploring camp property and participating in crafts, games, campfires, morning worship and more. Our staff help you experience as much or little as your family would like. Families stay in our Farmhouse with air conditioning, and flexible access to their own kitchen and living area for between-meal snacks and breaks. Meals are eaten with the rest of camp at

Moyer Lodge, which can be reached by walking or driving.  

Family Camp Lutheran Summer Camp in Virginia
Family Camp Lutheran Summer Camp in Virginia

Family Retreat Weekend  $200 a night (per family of 6 or less)
Offered July 15-17

To register for Family Retreat Weekend, please contact our office (540-449-0012) or email to reserve your spot!

This is a great opportunity for families to stay over the weekend during the summer! Have a nervous camper? Spend this retreat weekend at camp together before their week of overnight camp. Family Retreat Weekend will take place July 15-17, Friday-Sunday. Family Retreat space may include the Farmhouse, limited Cabins, and tent camping. 

NEW! Volunteer Work Week  $100 per person
Offered Week Four | July 9-14

Experience summer camp while giving back! This is a great opportunity to share your gifts, skills, and time with Caroline Furnace. Projects will be led by our Director of Facilities and Maintenance each morning and afternoon. Volunteer lodging spaces may include the Farmhouse or tent camping options.

NEW! Adult Adventure Camp  $300
Offered Week Eight | August 6-11

You are never too old to experience summer camp! In addition to the usual camp fun, Adult Adventure Campers will go horseback riding and rock climbing throughout the week. Activities on other days include a mix of canoeing, hiking, fishing, and/or archery. Adult Adventure Campers will stay in Cabin Village for the week and could include camping under the stars. Campers can learn leave no trace hiking, dutch over cooking, and map reading skills. You can look forward to all of the usual fun of Summer camp, plus more!

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