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Our mission is to provide unforgettable faith, education, and renewal experiences in God's creation for all God's people.

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Here in Fort Valley, we have no sidewalks, red lights, commuter traffic jams, cell phone service, or bright street lights at night. You can expect to hear the sounds of the forest during the day and to see the best night sky around. 


Caroline Furnace is a year-round retreat center with a range of lodging, meeting and outdoor spaces, providing group rentals, service opportunities, summer camp, day use, programmed retreats and more. We serve church, nonprofit, family and community groups of all types, from groups of 10 to 200+.


Located in the Massanutten Mountains of Virginia, Caroline Furnace is a peaceful space to put away your cell phone, emails, and social media - a place to reconnect and discover. Caroline Furnace is a place to encounter God in God’s creation and through an intentional Christ-like community. We believe this experience has the power to permanently change lives. Caroline Furnace is committed to remaining a special place apart, with a focus on God’s grace and presence, and on positive community building.

Let's plan your next retreat!

To make a reservation or get help with retreat planning, give us a call at 540-449-0012 or email We're happy to help you plan your retreat as much or little as you'd like. Once we sort out the details of retreat dates, group size, meals and activities, we will send you a booking contract. We ask that you sign and return your contract to us with a 30% deposit within 30 days of receipt. Your 30% deposit is non-refundable if you cancel within 180 days of the reserved date. A deposit and signed agreement are required for a confirmed reservation. Not ready to book quite yet? No worries, we can pencil you into our calendar for up to 30 days as you confirm details with your group. 

*Note: We do not accept American Express.


We look forward to working with you to make your group's retreat a success!

Explore our retreat spaces to learn more:
For adult groups of 10 to 20
For any group of 25 to 115
For any group of 10 to 25
Rustic lodging for up to 48

Coming Soon: Retreat planning checklist, easy-to-share details for your participants, local recommendations, sample retreat schedules, teambuilding resources and more!

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in ministry! And thank you for your patience and grace as we develop the best course of action and continue to adapt to this ever-changing situation. We remain hopeful that our fall retreat season will continue as scheduled, and we continue to implement new standards and guidelines as recommended by the American Camp Association (ACA), CDC, and the state of Virginia. Our staff are working with each retreat group to ensure best practices.

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