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Resources for Churches

Use your skills and experience to give back to your outdoor ministry! Please share with us about your gifts, skills, experience, and interests. Anyone affiliated with Caroline Furnace is eligible to volunteer on a committee. Some committees require appointment by the Board of Directors due to access to confidential information. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, your information will be shared with the nominating task force.

Summer Staff Recruitment:
Summer Camp Promotional Materials
Upcoming Events

Nov 4-6:            RHI Retreat

Jan 13-15:         Wild Women Retreat

Jan 27-29:        Reformation Beer Retreat

Sharing something about Caroline Furnace?
Questions? Let us know! Request more information at or (540) 449-0012.

Bulletin Blurbs

We encourage you to copy and paste a blurb for your bulletin!


is a year-round retreat center with eight weeks of Summer Camp. Caroline Furnace is located in Fort Valley, VA. Caroline Furnace serves to provide unforgettable faith, education, and renewal experiences in God's creation for all God's people and is committed to remaining a special place "set apart." Learn more, book a retreat, register for Summer Camp, and more at

Caroline Furnace Videos

Fall 2020 Campaign: Because the World Needs Caroline Furnace Tomorrow

Summer Camp: Come Join Us!

Summer Camp: A Look Back at 2020

Summer Camp: We Love Camp!

Find more shareable videos on our YouTube channel, including Camp Songs, Bible Studies, At-Home Activities, Camp Shenanigans, and more!

Talk to us about a camp week for your congregation!

A camp week can take on many different forms but basically serves as an opportunity for your congregation to grow in community together. Choose a week, share it with your congregation, send a chaplain and/or bring volunteers, and encourage parents to send their campers as a group. They'll likely be in different cabins or sukkahs and doing different activities, but they'll have an experience and memories to share with one another long after camp is over. New camper parents, especially those with young campers, feel encouraged by the presence of an adult their child already knows. 

If you'd like to learn more, give us a call at 540-449-0012.

Host a Camp Sunday or Family Night!

Share the excitement of Outdoor Ministry with your congregation. Get in touch with us and we'll join you for a Sunday, or we can share the resources you need so that you can incorporate camp fun into your day! We can lead or help plan Adult and Youth Sunday Schools, Children's Sermons, Camp Songs, Temple Talks, Narthex Displays, Receptions, or other activities that would best suit the needs of your congregation.

If you'd like to learn more, give us a call at 540-449-0012.

Have a question, concern, suggestion, comment or request? We'd love to hear from you!

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