LIT! (Leaders In Training)

For 16 & 17 year olds  |  $500 total (2 weeks)

Part One: Week Zero/June 13-17 or Week Three/July 4-8

Part Two: Weeks Three to Seven (Choose One)

Do you dream of serving on the Caroline Furnace staff or becoming a more effective leader in your communities? Our LITs are challenged to grow in their faith and leadership, and are equipped with skills and tools to continue learning and growing after camp is over. LITs are chosen for their faith maturity, desire to become a better leader, and motivated personality.

Applicants must possess a genuine interest in faith and leadership, in the camping/youth development field and in leading younger campers, and must be willing to commit the required energy, enthusiasm, and cooperation in all aspects of the training and hands-on portions of the program. Applicants should be mindful of time management, good self-care, and serve as a positive role model to others.


During your LIT! training week (Part One), you will develop skills, awareness, and experience that will put you into action as a quality leader and team member. Throughout your training week, you will study and practice the art of leading others with the help of our Program Team. Reflect on your own experiences with children, learn how to facilitate growth (and FUN!) at Summer Camp, practice leading by example and listening for feeling, study leaders in the Bible (Surprise, one of them is Jesus!), discuss age group differences and considerations, learn how to lead Bible study and other activities, and get the chance to share the magic of camp with younger campers.


Following successful completion of your first week, you may choose a second week (Part Two) to return to camp and

co-lead a cabin under the leadership of one of our counselors. Come put your new skills and knowledge into practice!

LIT! is application based. The online application opens by November 15. 

Application instructions: Click "Apply for LIT!" below and select the LIT! (Leaders in Training) application. Once you submit your application and reference, we'll be in touch to set up an interview. Upon acceptance to the program, we'll register you online and have you sign in to CampBrain to complete forms and make payment.

Contact Julie at or (540) 449-0012 if you have any questions about the application process.

LITs from previous summers may sign up for Part Two weeks at a registration cost of $100/week.

Contact Julie or Tom to learn more. 

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2239 Camp Roosevelt Road

Fort Valley, VA 22652

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