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May 15 Update

Reviving Our Roots with Small Group Summer Camping

2020 May 15 update, Reviving Our Roots,
2020 May 15 update, Reviving Our Roots,



What if my week of Summer Camp was canceled?

We still hope to see you this summer! If your week of camp has been cancelled, one of our staff will be calling you soon, beginning on Wednesday, May 20. All of our phone numbers look like this: 540-449-00_ _ . 


May I donate my registration balance to help support Caroline Furnace?

YES please! We are grateful for your continued support of your outdoor ministry. Your gift today ensures that we can be here for you tomorrow.


May I transfer my balance to a different week in 2020, or to Summer Camp in 2021?

YES, you sure can! At your request we will hold your funds and transfer them to your 2021 registration.


May I get a refund?

YES, Caroline Furnace will give you a 100% refund upon request, including the (typically) non-refundable deposit. We will attempt to refund fees by the original start date of the session that is cancelled (for example, Week One camps should be refunded by June 21). If you are able, we would be grateful for a $25 partial donation to help cover processing fees and administrative costs.


When are balances due for Weeks Three to Seven? When will you be processing payment plans?

Your remaining balance may be paid at any time by logging into your CampBrain account. We will be processing backdated payment plans on June 15. If your registration has not changed and you have pending payments, we will send a reminder a few days before processing.

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