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Leaders In Training (LIT!)

Calling all 15-18 year olds! Leaders In Training (LIT!) is designed for older campers, with a focus on leadership and faith development.

LITs will engage in leadership through the study of Biblical leaders, current leaders, and their own leadership styles, with the help of our Caroline Furnace Leadership Team. They will get opportunities throughout the week to lead and help facilitate camp activities, including Bible study, afternoon options, and evening program. Throughout the week, LITs will be involved in the daily Bible study curriculum, which will be incorporated into discussion and activities. LITs have the opportunity to return for a second week later in the summer to serve in a Junior Counselor role.

The Leaders In Training program is application based, for 15-18 year olds. LITs are chosen for their faith maturity, desire to become a more effective leader, and motivated personality. Applications can be found here:

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