Camper Mail

Our campers love getting mail from you! Letters may be sent to

2239 Camp Roosevelt Road Fort Valley VA 22652

Please be sure to include camper name and camp name or cabin/sukkah number. 

We're using Google forms for camper email this year!

See below and choose by delivery date. Camper mail is printed daily and given to campers during lunch. Campers on out-trips will get their mail upon return to Caroline Furnace. 

Please submit camper mail no later than 12pm. 

*Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center reserves the right to read and refuse messages in order to protect the safety of our campers. By providing your email address at the bottom of the form, you give consent to biweekly email updates.

Week Seven
Aug 4-9

Questions? Call (540) 449-0012 for help with camper mail

Mailing Address:

2239 Camp Roosevelt Road

Fort Valley, VA 22652

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