Our mission is to provide unforgettable faith, education, and renewal experiences in God's creation for all God's people. 

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Thank you for your continued support of your outdoor ministry!

The Lord has provided us with wonderful gifts, that we may proclaim the gospel boldly through 

Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center.


Perhaps our most important gift as we seek to minister to a world in need is YOU. Your prayers and your partnership are essential to this ministry. We respectfully ask for your donations to support the incredible work done here. By providing, participating, and praying for Caroline Furnace, you share Christ's love with a world in need and provide a sacred space for all among God's beautiful creation.


We ask that you keep us in your prayers. We encourage you to participate in our programs and to bring groups here on retreat, to seek faith, education, and renewal here. We have a glorious corner of God's creation to call home, and this place helps all who come here to see and hear God more clearly - and to experience faith made tangible. Whether walking the prayer labyrinth alone, worshiping together around a campfire, or just having quality conversation among the trees, time on

retreat can truly transform community.

You are welcome here. We are one as the body of Christ, and we are so very blessed by your abundant generosity.

Peace & Blessings,                               

Caroline Furnace Staff & Board of Directors

2021 Mid Year Update: October 2021

We saw these moments over and over during these last six months that simply can not be measured as we approached every event with Purpose. Did you see it in the endless dancing of the 3 year old in front of the Cabin Creek Bluegrass Band at the outdoor celebration in May? Maybe it was in the grace filled worship service of the new church group in the dining hall at the beginning of summer? How about in the energetic summer camp high school group that sang every song, knew every motion, and inspired the young campers and older staff around them? Most certainly we saw it in the canoes, on the creek, the archery range and the hiking trails at the Family Adventure Weekend in mid October. Many if not most of these guests had never been here or ever experienced outdoor ministry, but they felt the nudge and listened to the Spirit calling them. There are some things we can not measure and clearly God is at work providing unbelievable experiences and life giving opportunities.

Your Board of Directors, Staff, Alumni, and Volunteers continue with PURPOSE this fall/winter and look forward to sharing many more moments in 2022 BEYOND MEASURE using our hands to do GOD’s Work.

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