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COVID-19 Updates

We appreciate your continued support and grace during this uncertain time:

A coalition of Virginia’s Overnight Summer Camps is urging state representatives to provide financial support to our industry, so that we may continue to serve children and families across the Commonwealth in 2021 and beyond. Learn more and add your voice.

1. Contact your state representatives.

2. Sign the petition.

3. Share with your friends!

Retreat Leaders - let us help you reinvent your retreat! We can help design a retreat plan that works for you. More details and resources at the link below!

Let's take a second (2nd). On a "normal" Quiet Day, 10am to 2pm is dedicated to calming, quieting, centering reflection. We invite you to spend some time on September 2nd in prayer, meditation, and (hopefully) solitude - however that may look for you. Get the Quiet Day guide at the link below.


(updated August 25)

How is Caroline Furnace being affected by COVID-19?

We'll get through this together! Thank you for any support you are able to provide during this time. Donate here.

To put it simply, donor support is what will get us through this outbreak and the related shutdowns. Typical revenue from rentals for the second quarter is at zero, fall and winter deposits will help but cannot sustain us on their own, and all Summer Camp revenue is being held in an account separate from our operating budget in case of refunds. We are operating on a reduced budget and have adjusted all variable expenses.

How can I best support Caroline Furnace during this time?

Join our 20 For 20 campaign by giving $20 monthly in 2020 and beyond. A solid foundation of regular giving allows us to shift our focus from basic operations to a focus of growth and better reflecting Christ's presence in and through Caroline Furnace. Set up your 20 For 20 giving here.

Are you still booking group retreats?

YES, we are still booking rental groups for all spaces in the Fall/Winter! We know that our retreat groups face a number of challenges this fall/winter. We also understand the importance of time spent together in community right now. Let us help you reinvent your retreat! We can help design a retreat plan that works for you. Ask us about transportation logistics, health screening and check-in procedures, small group cohorts and programs, hybrid options and Wi-Fi zones, and more! Contact Julie at or (540) 449-0012 to learn more and book your retreat.

June 22 Update Highlights:

  • Outdoor Ministry is more than Summer Camp.

  • No Summer Camp this year, but we continue to prepare for WHEN we are able to resume Summer Camp.

  • We have hired our full summer staff and are committed to continuing our mission of faith, education, and renewal, through staff leadership and faith development.

  • We ask for your continued support of your outdoor ministry during this uncertain time. Donations may be made by mailed check or online on the Donate page, above.

May 15 Update Highlights:

  • Message to our Summer Campers

  • Summer Camp will continue as scheduled but with modifications, beginning with Camp at Home on June 14. Look for more details to come soon. This is a new program; registration opens May 22. 

  • On-site, overnight Summer Camp is suspended until July 5. This is based upon the anticipation of Virginia being in Phase Two by July 5. 

  • We will work with area churches to consider Camp on the Go, a small group, mobile day camp or VBS led by our trained camp counselors and hosted at churches regionally.

March 18 Update Highlights:

  • We are closed to overnight rentals until April 1st (and will reassess at that time).

  • Spring Work Weekend has been rescheduled to May 15-17.

  • All remaining Family Nights have been cancelled. Stay tuned for Family Nights this fall and next spring.

  • Caroline Furnace is open to day use for families and individuals during this time - please read details before you come.

March 17 Update Highlights:

  • We remain hopeful that Summer Camp will be unaffected by COVID-19.

  • No scheduled payments will be processed until May 1st.

  • In the event that Summer Camp must be cancelled, all deposits made after March 15 will be automatically refunded. Deposits made before March 15 are refundable on a case-by-case basis.

  • We want to make sure every kid can come to Summer Camp - Scholarships available.

  • Review of financial and cancellation policies for Summer Camp.

March 12 Update Highlights:

  • We are here, we are open, and we are prepared to serve you. 

  • Coronavirus poses no immediate concern for Summer Camp 2020. 

  • Spring Retreat Groups: You may transfer your deposit to new, available dates anytime before February 1st.

  • Details on our procedures for mitigating communicable diseases, to include new practices for 2020

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