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We invite you to join us for a Racial Healing Initiative Retreat!

Help us identify Caroline Furnace's future in faith and racial healing at a free
retreat Thursday - Saturday, Nov 3-5.

Join us and others who love Caroline Furnace to help us identify our future in racial healing as we address our history as a place that relied upon the forced labor of enslaved people and to also address our present circumstances as a predominantly White-centered space. Facilitators will foster healing and transformation for participants as well as begin to look at other steps Caroline Furnace might take in her journey toward healing and wholeness.

We know that God is Healer and desires us to be unified in the Spirit, as a body of believers. We hope that you will join us on this journey!

*Registration has closed for this retreat, but check back in to see how it went!

Caroline Furnace is located in Fort Valley, which is surrounded by a (quite beautiful) ring of mountains. This means you won't have cell phone service for the last few miles of your trip. You'll still be able to reference your GPS to get here, but it will be unable to reroute if needed. We recommend you print and/or download driving directions before coming






We have two entrances:

2239 Camp Roosevelt Road Fort Valley VA 22652

8481 Moreland Gap Road Fort Valley VA 22652

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