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Camp Feature: Horse Camp

For Grades 4 to 6 and Grades 7 to 9 Campers:

Saddle up for an exciting week!

During your mornings at nearby Fort Valley Ranch you will learn to care for, saddle and ride a horse western-style. The wranglers will pair you with a horse for the week so you can build a partnership and learn your horse’s unique qualities. You will practice controlling your horse using your voice, reins and legs, and put your new skills to the test on the trails surrounding the ranch.

Our 2018 Horse Campers will spend three mornings at the ranch. We’ll learn safety and grooming on the first day, then hit the trail! Our grades 7 to 9 Horse Campers will get to spend Thursday afternoon on the trail as well.

Find our summer schedule here: https://www.carolinefurnace.org/summer-schedule

Register for your week of Horse Camp here: https://www.carolinefurnace.org/register

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