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  • Laura, Summer Program Director

Summer Camp Update

This summer has been such an exciting one so far! We can't measure the amount of fun that we have had, the smiles we've seen, or the joy that has filled our hearts. Each camper has brought so much delight into our camp, sharing their stories, experiences and faith with us in their own unique way. Recently, our campers have enjoyed cowboy camping during Outdoor Challenge Camp, practicing canoe skills on the Shenandoah River, learning how to use kitchen equipment in Culinary Camp, and of course, the ever-present s'mores.

The staff is challenged daily with new questions from the campers - inquiring about God, the love poured out for us, and what grace really looks like in our everyday lives. Through our camp community, we're drawing closer to the Lord and seeing how God - throughabundant grace - changes everything!

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