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Thank you - to all of our Donors, our Board of Directors, our neighbors, our friends new and old, to The Black Lillies, and to the hard working volunteers who made Saturday's big celebration possible. In total, we celebrated with about 130 friends on Saturday. Our Board of Directors met to plan and strategize, then we had dinner with neighbors and our generous donors to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. After dinner, The Black Lillies filled the Upper Room with music and excitement. We have discovered so many powerful stories from the weekend - and can guarantee there are many more that haven't reached us. This was the first show of the year for The Black Lillies and they had so much fun that they played for 8 HOURS straight. It began with their planned set, then transitioned to an Upper Room jam session to include friends from the crowd, and then moved to a campfire circle. The band joked, "I think we played every song we knew!". A paraplegic neighbor danced his heart out at the front of the room. Songs were played that guided individuals through difficult times. Friendships were formed. The stargazing was the best it has been in months. God's presence was felt. Caroline Furnace worked its magic. Thank You - for continuing to support this ministry, for donating your time and money, for your prayers, for sharing Caroline Furnace with others. This is a powerful place and incredible community, full with the promise of unforgettable experiences and overwhelming grace and love. Thank You

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