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Spring Work Weekend Update

Thank you again for another terrific Work Weekend! Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

Wonderful improvements have been made and will enhance the experiences of our retreat guests and summer campers. With the help of our work crews in the past two weekends, we have accomplished the following:

  • Cabin 8 now has vinyl barnwood flooring, ventilation in the half bath, and a new 36" entryway door to the small side. We also wrapped the base of the cabin to match the sides, added carpeting to the bunk bases (to protect the beautiful floor!), and replaced damaged boards on the ramp.

  • Cabin 7 upgrades began as well. We are dividing the cabin into two rooms, separated by two 48" sliding barn doors. Cabin 7 and the other 6 cabins will ultimately receive the same upgrades as Cabin 8.

  • The EnviroLoo was installed in the Spring Field by St. John's Chapel, despite all the rocks the crew found while digging!

  • Renovations began to the bathroom in the Farmhouse basement, to become a unisex half-bath for use by campers and other groups in the Main Field. The space is now much more inviting! We plan to paint the room and add a washer and dryer for use by staff and Farmhouse groups.

  • The trail crew got so much done! They stabilized the switchback on Ridge Trail, added stepping stones to the newly revived drainage at the beginning of Mill Race Trail (thanks 2018 rainfall), cleared downfall on Mill Race, St. John's, and Nature Trails, made repairs on Twin Bridge Trail, and more.

  • The raised beds at the Lodge were cleared, tilled, and amended. They are now ready for planting in a couple weeks.

  • The flowerbeds at the Cabin Village entrance were cleaned out and loved as well. We even cleaned all three Caroline Furnace signs along the road!

  • A patio with fire pit has been installed at the Farmhouse! This was no small project and will greatly improve the Farmhouse experience. The patio will eventually include swings, hammock hooks, and gardens around the perimeter, as well as a ramp into the side entrance.

  • A number of small engine repairs and equipment maintenance were also completed.

We are grateful for our volunteers. Over 70 volunteers have graced this place in the past two weeks. Many of these projects were completed using funding from Thrivent Action Teams (Caroline Furnace is also eligible for Thrivent Choice Dollars).

Save the Date: September 13-15 Fall Work Weekend

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