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A Message from our Lutheran Outdoor Ministries network

Statement by LOM board of directors, adopted January 14, 2021

The divisiveness, turmoil, and conflict that our nation is currently experiencing, and that was so explicitly on display with the assault on the United States Capitol on the Day of Epiphany 2021 heightens the necessity for bold and faithful leaders for service in the church and the world. Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM) seeks to encourage, educate, equip, and empower bold and faithful outdoor ministry leaders for service in the church and the world. LOM affirms the social statements of the ELCA and condemns acts of violence, racist ideology, and assaults on democratic institutions. As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe deeply that love and justice are at the core of our mission and ministry. We believe that the name of Christ cannot be used to justify actions of hatred and racism. Outdoor ministry sites are spaces to come together and reconcile our differences. LOM remains committed to appreciation of diversity, promoting greater equality in our society, and reconciliation among groups with divergent viewpoints.

To this, I add this prayer, from ELW Prayer Book for the Armed Service, p. 29 -

Lord God, when we are assaulted by the troubles of life, and the deep waters of anger threaten to overwhelm us, do not let us sink. In your great compassion, hear us and help us. Deliver us from anger's power over us. Lead us out of bitter silence and hurtful words so that we may speak the truth in love. Heal every heart set on vengeance, and show us the way to honesty and reconciliation; through the one who has shown us both impassioned zeal and forgiving love, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

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