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Big News about Summer Camp 2021!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

BIG NEWS - A message from Cassidy Rasnick, Deputy Secretary of Commerce and Trade:

I wanted to touch base and let you all know that overnight summer camps in Virginia can begin planning to open next summer, and that we'll work together on putting the guidelines in place. I’m sure you know that we’ll have to amend the Governor’s Executive Order and the Phase 3 guidelines before you can open – but we did want to give you some comfort now that we’re aiming to have y’all open safely next summer. I know there’s lots of planning behind the scenes!

As you may remember from our conversations in the spring, I’m leading this work for the administration in partnership with my colleagues from the Virginia Department of Health. They have the plan you sent over for review, and I’ll reach out next week to schedule a time for us to discuss.

This is GREAT news!

We will continue to keep our camper families updated as more information is available.

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