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Give Back to Your Outdoor Ministry! - Board & Committee Interest

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Use your skills and experience to give back to your outdoor ministry! Please share with us about your gifts, skills, experience, and interests. Anyone affiliated with Caroline Furnace is eligible to volunteer on a committee. Some committees require appointment by the Board of Directors due to access to confidential information. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, your information will be shared with the nominating task force.

Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center is an outdoor ministry organization with a large, community based network and many organizational partners. The Caroline Furnace Board of Directors manages the affairs of the organization in cooperation with the Executive Director. Our Board of Directors is engaged in the growth and strategic direction of our mission of unforgettable faith, education, and renewal experiences in God’s creation for all God’s people. We are seeking Board members to provide valuable skills, varied perspectives, and a voice for the diverse communities that we serve.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November. A term is three years and members may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Board Leadership Responsibilities

  • Know and commit to the Caroline Furnace mission, vision, and values

  • Engage in strategic planning and vision

  • Actively seek out financial and other resources for the organization

  • Leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action

  • Be accessible and responsive to other Board members and staff

Board Expectations

  • Regularly prepare for, attend, and participate in Board meetings and at least one committee

  • Promote participation in retreats, events, and summer camp to their own congregation and community

  • Donate to Caroline Furnace on a monthly or annual basis and encourage other individuals and organizations to become donors

Committees Overview:

The Finance Committee oversees and provides safeguards for all of the financial matters of the organization, to include an annual internal audit, comprehensive quarterly reports, and recommendations to the Board concerning investments, funding sources, annual budget, and fees.

The Marketing Committee maintains branding and aids with the promotion of all aspects of the organization. The work of the committee requires a team with the following skills: graphic design, copywriting, print and digital design, photography, and videography.

The Program Committee guides program emphasis and annual retreat and event schedules. They establish events, leadership, resource materials, and more. They may recommend new events or expansion of the program into new areas and funding sources.

The Property Committee is in continuous evaluation of the property and facilities, and assists in the planning and execution of maintenance, repair, and renovation projects and work weekends.

The Resource Committee works to develop and maintain organizational and individual donors to further the mission of Caroline Furnace.

Anyone affiliated with Caroline Furnace is eligible to volunteer on a committee. Some committees require appointment by the Board of Directors due to access to confidential information.

Interested? Let us know here! https://forms.gle/Nc4Zo5cd4VkXEiQHA

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