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Invest in Tomorrow, Today

Our Summer Staff are here! Outdoor ministry work continues.

We are developing the next generation of leaders.

Caroline Furnace needs YOUR help! Invest in tomorrow. Sponsor a counselor.

Instead of overnight Summer Camp this year, our Camp Counselors are leading online Camp at Home, on-site Family Retreats, and property improvement work projects. Our leadership focus this summer includes faith formation, anti-racism training, child behavior, safety and first aid, teambuilding, program development, and more.

We are encouraging individuals and congregations to sponsor a Camp Counselor if you are able. Your financial assistance and prayers of support are welcomed as we complete staff training and celebrate with a worship and commissioning service this Saturday.

Expenses are an average of $3,000 per counselor for the eight week season.

When we first announced that we will not have overnight Summer Camp in 2020, one of my pastor friends stated, "We have your back." Indeed, now is the time. In a "normal" year, donations are only 25% of our annual revenue, but this year we will rely on donations as 75% of revenue.   

My friends and partners in ministry - Now is the time to support YOUR outdoor ministry more generously than you ever have before. Frankly speaking, Caroline Furnace may not survive without generous giving from individuals and congregations for the next 12 to 18 months. Our commitments to pay our staff, insurance fees, utilities, and loan payments will continue as we wait for a vaccine to end this global pandemic. 

We are blessed with partners and friends who appreciate the value of outdoor ministry and the impact it has on all of us from Generation to Generation. "Good indeed is the Lord, whose steadfast love endures forever. God's faithfulness continues for all generations." Psalm, 100:5

Thank You for Your Continued Support of Your Outdoor Ministry,

Tom Powell, Executive Director

Invest in Your Outdoor Ministry today at

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