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Summer 2021 Updates and Schedule Release!

We are offering every opportunity to experience Summer Camp in 2021: Come as a family, as an overnight camper, or from home!

Quick Highlights:

  • NEW! Sign up for Winter Camp at Home! Registration is OPEN for Winter Camp at Home, which begins on October 18 (more details below).

  • Family Retreats: No need to wait - let's plan a safe getaway for your family this fall or winter! Contact us to book your retreat at least 14 days in advance.

  • Stay tuned! Pre-registration opens on October 1st for Summer 2020 families and October 15th for everyone! Pre-register for Summer 2021 here.

  • A deposit is not required to submit pre-registration and reserve your spot for Summer 2021. More payment Q+A below.

Summer 2021 Overview and Updates:

  1. Overnight Summer Camp

  2. Camp at Home (online)

  3. Family Retreats

What will Summer 2021 look like? We don’t fully know yet. We continue to receive updates and research findings from the American Camp Association. We continue to communicate with our state legislators. We continue to collaborate with other camps in Virginia and beyond. We do not know all of the answers for Summer 2021 yet. However, we do know this:

Our staff are busy preparing for another summer of unforgettable experiences in 2021. We look forward to sharing new opportunities with you next year, to include more Family Retreats and Camp at Home, plus a NEW! Youth Group Service + Adventure Week! As we learn and grow from this unusual year, many of our new procedures and best practices will continue into 2021.

Thank you for your patience and grace as we move forward through uncertainty. We are doing our best to prepare for next summer, remaining flexible and knowing that anything is subject to change as new information and further developments become available. Most importantly, we are so excited to see you again and look forward to welcoming you back to Caroline Furnace soon!

1. Overnight Summer Camp

  • Each camp week is Sunday to Thursday. Any off-site activities will remain local.

  • NEW! Youth Group Service + Adventure Week: Bring your small group to camp for a week of service projects and adventure! This is a great opportunity for your ELCA Youth Gathering group to build community in 2021 before the 2022 Gathering. The weekly schedule is custom-built to fit your group; both on-site and off-site service projects and adventures are available.

  • Grades 1-3: Since the camp week is shortened, all Explorer camps are full-week.

  • Grades 4-6: Campers entering grades 4-6 may choose between Classic or Adventure Camps. Adventure Campers will go horseback riding one day, and other days may include canoeing, hiking, fishing, and/or archery.

  • Grades 7-12: Middle and high school campers also have an Adventure Camp option. This is very similar to our “combo camps” - BikeHikeZip, HikePaddleClimb, HorseFishHike, ArcheryClimbFish - Adventure Campers will go rock climbing or horseback riding one day, and other days may include canoeing, hiking, fishing, and/or archery. Rock climbing or horseback riding will be assigned to each Adventure Camp before pre-registration opens on October 1st.

  • Family Camp: Family Camp is July 11-15, with a half-week option of July 11-13. Families can choose a day trip on the Shenandoah River as an add-on for Family Camp (July 11-15) or Family Retreats (any weekend).

2. Camp at Home (online)

  • Two age groups - Elementary School (Monday) and Middle/High School (Tuesday). Campers will be in sub-groups (breakout rooms) for small group discussions and activities.

  • NEW! Winter Camp at Home is weekly on Sunday afternoons, 4:30-6pm. Session One is October 18 to December 13. Session Two is January 17 to March 14. Cost is $20 per three month session.

  • Sign up for Winter Camp at Home here.

3. Family Retreats

  • This is a great opportunity for families to stay over the weekend before or after your camp week! Extend your stay, share camp with family, or stay on-site between two camp weeks.

  • Family Retreats are available every summer weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

  • Family Retreat spaces may include the Farmhouse, Cabin Village, and Sukkah Village.

  • Reservations open on October 15.

Payment Q+A:

What happens to my balance from Summer Camp 2020?

Balances from Summer Camp 2020 will show in your CampBrain account when you sign in to pre-register for Summer 2021. Balances may also be designated toward Family Retreats or other Caroline Furnace events anytime before December 31, 2021. Any unused balances will be converted to a donation on January 1, 2022.

Is a deposit required for pre-registration?

A deposit is not required to submit pre-registration and reserve your spot for Summer 2021. You may choose to pay an optional non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $150. Typically, Summer Camp registration payments are an important source of cash flow in the winter months and we are grateful for your continued support!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us at (540) 449-0012 or

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