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Whispered Prayers - Let's Take a 2nd

Then deep from the earth you shall speak, from low in the dust your words shall come; your voice shall come from the ground like the voice of a ghost, and your speech shall whisper out of the dust. -Isaiah 29:4

Excerpt from Letters from the Farm, by Becca Stevens:

"...When we get quiet enough I swear we can hear the chorus of prayers once prayed. Those prayers linger over us like ozone and when we are silent, truly silent, we can hear them. In all our running around, in our struggle to tend the fields where we toil our whole lives, there are sweet whispers that mark the path of our hearts the whole way. 

When Israel was exiled and dust filled the mouths and thoughts of the captives, Isaiah had a vision that their voices could rise like a whisper out of that very dust. Isaiah's vision is moving and wondrous. Beyond captivity, pain, or fear, we can still offer a whisper as light as a kite string to carry a hope to the highest mountain. Those prayers sometimes feel powerless and wan, but truly they are light and strong enough to take flight. The more hefty prayers, offered before crowds and recited in unison, may be too heavy to make the trip from exile all the way to Sinai. We get to pray our hearts and we whisper our hearts to the heavens. We get to join with thousands of other prayer whisperers as our rookery becomes a din of hope rising from the dust. May we be silent enough to hear those whispers as we walk through this world, as we turn the pages of history, and as we travel to the depths of our own hearts."

Quiet Days - Let's take a second (2nd) for renewal.  December 2, April 2, June 2 10am to 2pm each day is dedicated to calming, quieting, centering reflection. We'll begin with orientation and meditation in the Upper Room (located in the Cabin Village) led by Rev. Heidi David-Young, then conclude at 1:40 in the same way. Bring a reusable water bottle and lunch to eat at your leisure. No cost to participate and no RSVP needed.

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