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  • Tom Powell, Executive Director

Psalm 121 Takes Me Home

Over the mountain ridge and into the valley I travel home to peaceful and natural surroundings where HIS Grace is abundant. Although the grace and peace of our Lord is everywhere... there is just something about the arrival into Fort Valley that relaxes the mind and opens the spirit. The cold flowing waters of Passage Creek awaken the thoughts of a baptismal cleansing while the open fields and endless natural beauty of the forests reveal the power of HIS creation.

There are many places we call Home - it can be the place where we were born, the house we live in now, or even the congregation we worship. Interesting enough, most of us never call our workplace our home even if we are teleworking in a home office. Most recently I have been blessed to now call my residence and my place of daily work our Home. It is a place where love and hospitality are present, every door is open, and there are many opportunities to experience the gifts of God. Come Home, where all are welcome!

Being here in this place is amazing and spiritually filling. Since early January during my transition and over the last week, I have enjoyed a tremendous amount of time and energy with retreat groups, friends, staff, the Board of Directors, and faith leaders. I am now blessed with a daily reminder of how special Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp and Retreat Center is to all of us. During a stroll across the field, down to the lake, or up on the Ridge, I am able to gaze toward the east at Kennedy Peak and quote the beginning of one of my favorite Psalms - I life up my eyes to the mountains -- where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.

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