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  • Bryan, Board Member, Camper Parent & Chaplain

Luke 24:32 Takes Me Home

Luke 24:32 "were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us...." It's been a tough week for Jesus. He's been abandoned by his friends, mocked by crowds, tortured violently, and nailed publicly to pieces of wood until he died slowly and painfully his last breaths scraping through his chest. So, a few days later he walks alongside two travelers discussing the events and asks "What things have happened the last few days?" ... as if he doesn't know! They recap the whole gory, terrible story. Jesus likely knowing these details interprets the events about himself and scriptures. They want him to stick around. Jesus does, breaks some bread, they recognize him and he vanishes. Now our verse the travelers asked: "were not our hearts burning within us..." A lot of normal things happen at Camp Caroline Furnace. We walk, eat, breathe, sleep, play games, make crafts, sugar up on snack breaks, fish a little, hike a lot, find slag and meet new friends. However, also at camp kids are loved who rarely are loved. Campers gifts get lifted up and each kid is valued. Counselors find voice to proclaim God's amazing news in their lives for the world. Songs are sung and written in lives. Friendships are made not for a day, but a week and for life. Faith is taught, caught, lived and breathed. At camp Jesus the extraordinary sticks around and shows up in the ordinary and leaves us gasping, yearning and wondering "were not our hearts burning within us?"

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