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  • Rev. Brett Davis (Georgetown Lutheran)

Psalm 36:9 Takes Me Home

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. Coming up onto camp property always feels like a deep breath of fresh air, a big gulp of cool water. It feels like a fountain of life. (Cue camp song, "river of life.") There's something irrepressible about it. But why? For me, it's bcause on camp property, with my cell phone mercifully not working and with the different rhythms of the day, you have time to notice the light. It's the light of the campfire, and the way the laughter comes easily, the light in the lodge even on a hot summer day, or the glint of the creek or the lake.

Yes, the place itself is special. But as I reflect on my camp memories, it's about people. When I'm in the park, I see kids' imaginations to simply play - and how important that is! When I'm in the field, I remember intensely competitive round of Capture the Flag that remind me with a laugh about forgiveness and love. At Chapel on the Hill - or any fire circle - in the light of an evening fire, we see the light of God. Having been at camp in different seasons of the year and seasons of life, I know that the light changes - but this fountain of life always flows and reflects God's light.

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