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How Can You Help Your Outdoor Ministry?

As we all adjust to our disrupted routines and new "normal", folks have begun asking "How can I help during this time?" Caroline Furnace is surrounded by a wonderful, caring community and we appreciate your continued support.

Please share the following in newsletters and other announcements: 

How can you continue to support Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp & Retreat Center during this time? 1. Power the Future - Join our 20 for 20 campaign by giving $20 monthly in 2020 and beyond. A solid foundation of regular giving allows us to shift our focus from basic operations to a focus of growth and better reflecting Christ's presence in and through Caroline Furnace. 2. Get ready for Summer Camp - We remain hopeful that Summer Camp will be unaffected by COVID-19 and are continuing as planned. Any decisions on Summer Camp operations will be made in May once we have more information. Until then, Summer Camp payments and deposits are being held in a separate account and will be refunded or transferred if needed.  a. Register for your week of camp! This is a no-risk registration. You deposit may be transferred or refunded if needed. b. Check in with your college students and young adults! Their plans or priorities for summer may have changed recently. We are doing everything we can to hire a full staff this summer and make sure that Summer Camp happens in some way. 3. Plan your next Retreat - Make plans for a group retreat this summer/fall, or sign up for one of our upcoming programs - Adventure Weekend, Pre-Advent Retreat, Wild Women Retreat, or BeerReformation. We recognize that our communities will be especially in need of retreat once it is safe to do so. *New for Summer 2020: The Farmhouse is available for weekend rental this summer, even during Summer Camp. Buttonwood Lodge is available for weekend and weekday rental during summer. Questions? Email julie@carolinefurnace.org or call (540) 449-0012. We appreciate your continued support of outdoor ministry, even and especially during times of uncertainty. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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