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Just one more...

One more swim at the lake One more Fancy Thursday One more campfire One more FAITH5 One more bedtime One more morning worship One more chance to go creekwalking/fishing/hiking/canoeing/crafting/___

So many new friendships, fun stories, new experiences and countless exciting memories

Thank you for telling others about the power of Summer Camp Thank you for sharing your camper with us Thank you for donating camper scholarships Thank you for volunteering to help with camp Thank you for making this ministry possible

Thank you for your continued support of Caroline Furnace!

We have had an amazing summer, and will be sending a BIG End-of-Summer update next week, to include opportunities to give feedback and help guide our growth, more information on our sustainability initiatives and other camp connections, a newsletter piece for you to share with your church, and information on NEXT SUMMER!

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