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Updates to Health Pre-Screening for Overnight Guests

All staff and guests are expected to complete a self-monitored health pre-screening before arrival, including those who have been vaccinated. This includes a daily temperature and symptom log and a few COVID-19 specific questions.

During this pre-screening period, we expect you to restrict close contacts to those within your household and comply with current state-level guidelines.

If you have a fever of 100.4 or greater, new covid-like symptoms, or potential exposure to COVID-19 before arrival to Caroline Furnace, please consult your healthcare provider and contact us before you come.

Please print and complete the correct individual form for each participant. Forms for minors should be completed by a parent/guardian.

There are four form options below:

  1. Adult Health Pre-Screening Form: 14 Days

  2. Youth Health Pre-Screening Form: 14 Days

  3. Adult Health Pre-Screening Form: 7 Days + Negative PCR Test

  4. Youth Health Pre-Screening Form: 7 Days + Negative PCR Test

As recommended by the American Camp Association (ACA), health pre-screening is an important layer in non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to promote health and safety.

Mask Requirement: All individuals aged five and older must cover their mouth and nose with a mask when outdoors and unable to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from other individuals who are not family or cohort members. Masks are not permitted during water-based activities. Masks are required in indoor shared spaces, unless eating, drinking, or showering.

For Arrival at Caroline Furnace: Specific directions will be emailed to the group leader and/or participant. Upon arrival, Caroline Furnace staff will review each participant’s health pre-screening form and conduct a quick, no-contact temperature check. Caroline Furnace will retain a copy of the participant list in case needed for contact tracing. The group leader will retain health pre-screening forms for 30 days.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us at (540) 449-0012 or

This pre-screening form is adapted from resources shared by the Association of Camp Nurses (ACN).

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