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  • Julie Kroll, Director of Sales

144 Days until SUMMER CAMP!

Did you know the first time I ever heard about Caroline Furnace was at Winter Celebration during my freshman year of high school, my first Virginia Synod Youth Event? Some guy (most likely Pastor Wayne, although I didn't know it at the time) stood up on stage for a few minutes and told us some things about camp. I don't remember what he said or why I was excited, but I went home and told my Mom that I wanted to go to camp! And then I never did. I heard about Caroline Furnace at each youth event and thought it sounded like a really cool experience, but I never signed up. It was too far away. I was too busy. I got a summer job. I didn't make time for camp. God still brought me here a few years later, although at first I was pretty indecisive about being on Summer Staff. And now I know, wow, I missed out! Words can't fully explain the power of Summer Camp and the value of the experiences that are had here. It's never too late (or early) to be a first-time camper, and it's sure to be a good time! -Julie, Director of Sales, Marketing & Communications

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